Should You Travel With A UV Light Sanitizer?

Want to ditch disinfecting wipes for a nontoxic, cheaper alternative? Here's why a portable ultraviolet light sanitizing device is a better solution for killing coronavirus while traveling. 


The U.S. economy is slowly reopening and citizens are emerging from their homes for the first time in months since the spread of COVID-19 caused nationwide lockdowns in an effort to slow the spread of the contagious coronavirus. 

As we venture back into the world, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s still a pandemic — in fact, coronavirus cases across the country are only on the rise. Precautions including social distancing, mask wearing and sanitizing are now more important than ever. 

While disinfectant wipes are our most common method for sanitizing surfaces, replacing them with an ultraviolet light sanitizing device can help you reduce waste and cut costs. Most cleaning towelettes are not compostable, so when they make their way to a landfill after one use, the synthetic fibers do not break down and therefore result in a significant proportion of non-biodegradable waste. Additionally, to properly clean a surface (or multiple surfaces), you’ll need to use more than one disinfecting wipe. If a household uses five wipes per day, they’re going to spend about $120 every year ($10/month). 

The StayCay Lifestyle Travel Size UV Disinfecting Wand is a one-time purchase of $99 (on sale now for just $59). The UV light eliminates germs and bacteria; sanitizes surfaces in 10 seconds; requires no batteries and charges via USB; is sleek and portable; and uses technology backed by doctors and scientists. 

According to researchers at Penn State University and University of Minnesota, handheld UV light devices are now feasible for disinfecting surfaces exposed to the highly transmittable pathogen SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Eric Lee, a St. Louis–based physician, told New York magazine that “UV light, the type used in most common devices on the market to clean household objects, has been shown to be effective in laboratory studies at killing bacteria on computer screens, toothbrushes, and other objects.”

Tired of that toxic smell from cleaning products? A portable ultraviolet light device will save you money, decrease your environmental impact and help you lower your risk of contracting coronavirus while traveling.