Feel Like You're On Vacation With These At-Home Luxuries

Replicate a resort getaway while staying put.

While it might not be practical to book a hotel stay every night of the year, by implementing these experiences at home, you can feel like you're on a permanent vacation.

Massage at home

Book An In-Room Massage

Miss calling the concierge to book an in-room spa treatment? Schedule an at-home massage instead, using an app like Zeel or Soothe, which offer on-demand spa-quality massages. A therapist will come to you—table and all—and prices are fairly reasonable with Soothe’s services ranging from $99 to $169 and Zeel’s pricing as low as $93 including gratuity for members. Close your eyes and you might even believe you’re in the Maldives spending the afternoon escaping the sun in your private villa!

Sushi to go

Order Room Service

Let’s do some reframing around the idea of take-out food. Think of launching your Postmates app as you calling down for room service. Don’t order a greasy quesadilla that will be leaking through the bag upon arrival. Instead, order a luxurious meal—sushi in a bento box, your favorite pasta dish, heck, order lobster. And don’t forget to throw in a cocktail-to-go or a bottle of wine. When your order arrives, place the food on actual plates (don’t eat out of a plastic to-go box!) and set everything on a tray.

Resort clothes

Dress In Resort Wear

There are some fabrics we reserve for vacation: our linen pants, cashmere sweaters, even a hotel robe. Wear these while lounging at home and feel luxurious doing so. Switch from these cozy pieces into a tropical Lilly Pulitzer print or flowing maxi dress for dinner.


Call For Housekeeping

Name a better feeling than leaving possessions scattered throughout a hotel room and returning to find everything tidied up: the made bed, a restocked coffee/minibar, freshly washed towels neatly folded. Feel as if you’ve requested housekeeping by connecting with a home-cleaning professional on an app like Handy or Tidy


Create A Signature Scent

When you walk into a lobby, there’s usually a beautiful scent that on a subconscious level relaxes your nervous system and sets the mood for a vacation. It’s not a happy accident—scent marketers are commissioned by hotels, retailers and more to create those custom fragrances. Do the same for your home by selecting a signature scent that resonates with you, and deliver it through the use of candles, sprays and diffusers.